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We offer business advisory & consulting services to the food and seafood industries. ​Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world and also a politically stable county. In addition, having success in Japan will be an effective showcasing tool to the world.

  • Japan is a small country, but each metro area is quite different in culture.

  • Its distribution system has many layers that are challengings to 


Who could benefit from our consulting services:

  • Companies outside of Japan that are targeting the Japanese market

  • Companies outside of the US that are trying to enter the US market

  • Companies in the US who are considering adding a Sushi business to their existing revenue stream (USA)

Areas of the Service:

  • Market research & feasibility study

  • Branding/marketing strategy development & execution

  • Pairing with the “suitable” importers/distributors for your product

  • Procurement advises on the materials and ingredients

  • Logistical integration & improvement, storage & distribution

  • Local staff education

  • Support on local hiring

  • On-site support with your client visits

  • Development of a sushi division for a non-sushi wholesaler/food service (US)

  • Incorporation of the sushi items to a non-sushi wholesaler/food service (US)

Professional Supports

  • We will support your business for FDA registration, HACCP, pre-import compliance, traceability, post-import government compliance

  • We have a network of specialists available (Lawyers, CPAs, FDA/USDA specialists…)

Clients (current): 

  • NORCOD (Producer of Farmed Cod in Norway)

  • Japan Farmed Fish Export Association (JFFEA)

  • A-Marine Kindai (Producer of KINDAI Bluefin Tuna)

(Please inquire about the fee structure and the past assignments. We respect Non-Disclosure Agreements fully).

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